Work Portfolio

Winnipeg Transit Mobile Site

jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Materializecss

During my co-op work term. A small team including myself and another co-op created the new mobile interface for the Navigo Website.

We worked in an Agile-based environment and designed the front and back end for the new website keeping in mine RESTful interfaces, testing, and Google's Material Design guidelines.

Launching Spring 2015!

Arctic Adventures & Journey to Churchill

Unity3D, Gestureworks

I worked on the interactive touch table and the bear & seal games on exhibit at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in the Journey to Churchill exhibit.

Warren Carther: Architectural + Sculptural Glass

PHP Web Site

While working for KCCoding I worked with an art director, graphic designer, and Warren Carther to make a preview for his new website.

Open Source Projects

Github Repository

I keep a lot of projects on Github. I've got small projects I've made, OSS projects I've contributed too, and useful scripts posted there.

Github Gists

Some scripts felt too small for Github proper so I made them as gists. The embed options for gists can be useful too.

Steam Gift Materializer [BETA]

The Steam Gift Materializer is a project I created that allows you to give physical gifts that will redeem for Steam games.


I was talking to a concept artist at work one day at lunch and he said it'd be cool if there was an app that would tell you the percentage of each colour in an image. I decided to make it.