About Me

So you want to know a bit more about me?


My work experience includes game design/programming, web development, and technology consulting. I am currently working on a new mobile site for Winnipeg Transit. I began this project during my final co-op work term. My game development experience focused on Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra integration in Unity at Complex Games during my second co-op work term. Prior to that I did Technology Consulting at MNP after Greenridge merged with MNP.


I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Computer Science, Honours with Co-op Option at the University of Manitoba. My estimated graduation date is May 2015. I am on the path to complete the Software Engineering, Databases, Human-Computer Interaction and Graphics, and Web-Based Systems Areas of Specialization.

Free Time

In my free time, I have many activities I enjoy. I run a weekly D&D game for my friends and we also often play board games on weekends. I play piano and saxophone, enjoy biking, paint gaming miniatures, draw, watch a variety of TV, play with my dog, and play video games.

James Firth

Software Developer, Geek, Student, VR Enthusiast, Player of Games (both board and video), Dungeon Master, and 4th-Level Wizard.